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Franchise Enquiries

Trademarked franchise or partnership concept: a note from Maria:

My start-up idea is to build up a proof-of-concept for pre-loved items from my home city of Bristol. I'd like to expand this as a franchise e-commerce business model under one trademarked brand called WearMyWardrobeOut across all UK cities, bringing together a group of people, just like me, who care about fashion wastage and sustainability. 

I'm looking for like-minded people, of all ages and all sizes, to partner with and deliver my mission and rental proof-of-concept. If you'd like to join me, I'd love to hear from you at: 

The WearMyWardrobeOut brand primarily encourages people to literally ‘wear my wardrobe out’ by affordably renting pre-loved clothes that are already in circulation from ‘My Wardrobe’ instead of buying more clothes themselves.

The secondary literal meaning relates to sustainably ‘wearing out’ clothes until they reach the end of their useful economic life by sharing them out to other like-minded people.