Our Packaging

We believe that standing alongside other sustainable solution brands is important if collectively we want to make a real impact and reduce fashion related wastage.

We use a mix of repeatable bags from Kvatt and a mix of 100% compostable bags from TishWish. 

Compostable bags are made from bio-based polymer PBAT and a plant based polymer PLA. TishWish Mailers meet American, European, Australasian, and International standards of home and commercial compost with certification from global certifiers TUV Austria and ABA. The mailers leave no harmful residue behind once they breakdown. 

With only 8% of the UK's actual recyclable plastic being recycled, we have partnered with Kvatt to offer our Subscription Customers a reusable bag. Bags are used up to 10 times and are then sent to Kvatt to be refurbished and reused. 

For Customer's that come and see us in real life, we ask them to bring their own tote or reusable bag. We operate a zero packaging studio, so be prepared to hand carry your item(s) if you forget your bag!

100% Compostable bagsReusable and Repeatable Bags