CoutureToYourDoor by Maria Loria

CoutureToYourDoor is part of The WearMyWardrobeOut Collective.

We are a Collective of fully circular, sustainable and zero waste fashion services. 

Our mission at CTYD is to turn discarded textiles and remnants into one-of-a-kind fully customisable Couture garments. Designed by Maria Loria, customised by you, made in the UK and delivered straight to you door, globally.

We believe that everyone should have access to statement garments that fit beautifully. We also believe the every textile deserves a second chance. We source Limited Edition vintage and pre-loved prints in all sizes and re-engineer them into garments. Each garment is one-of-a-kind, giving the end wearer pure authenticity and individuality. 

We offer full pallet garments and multi pallet contrast garments. Whether your style is minimalist or maximalist, we can make anything that your heart desires. 

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion underpins our ethos. Our service is for everyone. Customers can pick a base size and then add their exact measurements at no extra cost. Why would be charge for your right to have clothes that fit you. 

Our base garments are all designed in house by our founder, Maria Loria who also makes every single garment in her UK based Atelier.