The U.K's first fully Circular Rental and Repair Brand. Bristol and U.K Wide Shipping

Our Mission

Bristol's first on-demand and subscription-based fashion rental service.

Founded by Maria Loria in January 2021, WearMyWardrobeOut exists to:


Mission 1:


Challenge the long-term buying behaviours of people in the UK, driven by social peer pressure, which contributes to increased consumer debt. Through enabling a platform for people to affordably rent vintage and pre-loved stylish outfits instead of buying them.

Mission 2:


Contribute to slowing down throwaway fashion by affordably renting out vintage and pre-loved items until they have reached the end of their economic useful life through the ongoing love, repair and upcycling of pre-loved items.

 Mission 3:


Contribute to the reduction of fashion wastage by recycling and upcycling where feasibly possible end of life, pre-loved fast fashion and vintage items.

 We've made a promise to love our planet and we intend to keep it!

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WearMyWardrobeOut is a trademarked company