Hi, Maria here, the founder and Creative Director of WearMyWardrobeOut and MariaLoria Designs

Our POV is derived from the glory days of the 90’s Catwalk era, where we saw fashion transformed into one-of-a-kind visions from Galliano, McQueen and many more. We celebrate and take inspiration from British Designers that have shaped British Fashion, from Dame Vivienne Westwood to Paul Smith. We believe that everyone deserves to feel incredible in visionary garments. We also believe that all textiles deserve a 2nd chance. We’ve mixed couture with upcycling, draping and the art of manipulating and re-engineering textiles into contemporary pieces that are accessible through renting, RTW, made to order and our refashioning services.  Zero waste x statement garments that create one-off looks that are imaginative and timeless. 

It is simply not sustainable to continue to enable the over consumption of fast fashion items and encouragement from fast fashion brands through constant '70% off' messages pumped into people on a daily basis.

We have an obligation to enable alternative ways of consuming fashion and hold accountable the brands that continue to over produce 'trend' items on mass and then dump their unwanted stock in landfill.

There is a balance to be had between luxury and fast fashion, we intend to lead the way towards this balance. The art of Fashion and the craftsmanship of tailoring and garment making deserves better than today’s unethical and climate  damaging agenda