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Monthly Subscription Fashion Rental Bundle

Monthly Subscription Fashion Rental Bundle

We appreciate that renting is relatively new to lots of people and it may take a little while for some people to adapt to this new pattern. 

SO . . . with that in mind we have created a Monthly Subscription Fashion Rental Bundle, designed to reward regular renters with exclusive perks when they sign up to our monthly Bundle Club.

Monthly Subscription Fashion Rental Bundle = £90 per month

What's included:

  • Three rented items per week bundled up just for you.
  • For a duration of three full days’ rental at a time.
  • In summary, that's three items for three days per week x four weeks = 12 items and 12 full rental days

Monthly Ward PERKS include:

  • 1 x 30-minute monthly virtual wardrobe appointment and tour, to handpick your monthly items in advance and reserve them just for you.
  • 1 x outfit rental on us for your birthday once you've subscribed for more than three full months.
  • Exclusive early access to pre-loved and handmade sale items before they are posted online.

To sign up, select our monthly wardrobe bundle product and go directly to Checkout 

What happens next?

  1. We will contact you within 24 hours via our WhatsApp Chat to arrange your Virtual or Face to Face Appointment
  2. Pick your rentals and we will calendar-block them out for you for the month on the dates you've selected
  3. Once you've confirmed your 4 x rental slots, we will dispatch your first three items 
  4. Your rental starts from the day after you receive your items (for example, if your items arrive on Tuesday at 2pm, your rental begins on Wednesday and ends on Friday). 
  5. Return your weekly three items via via tracked paid postage and we will dispatch the next three as planned 
  6. Remember to repurchase your monthly wardrobe bundle each month and £12 monthly tracked postage bundle